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2012 science fair, largest and best yet!

/files/page images/general images/scifiweb6.jpgMen are cleaner than women, Mircale Grow doesn't work miracles and other myth busters can be found at The Imani School Science Fair.

This year, the quality and depth of projects entered into the science competition provided detailed answers to interesting questions posed by our junior scientists. Seventh grader Erica S., discovered women are not the cleaner sex - if you walk in women's shoes. Erica's project, "Which Gender Has the Most Bacteria on Their Shoes?" gave a humorous, yet insightful answer to an age-old battle-of-the-sexes question.

Winners of the 2012 Imani Science Fair who will go on to represent The Imani School at the ACSI Science Fair are:

5th/6th Grade Division

LIFE SCIENCE                                  

Gabrielle L.

“Does Miracle Grow Really Make Your Plant Grow?”*


Taylor C.

“To Rise or Not to Rise?”



Kenya O.

“The Race to Relief”


Dylan S.

“Fluctuating Fabric"


7th/8th Grade Division


Jonathan L.
“How Does your Garden Grow?”

Erica S.

“Which Gender Has the Most Bacteria on Their Shoes?



Evan L.

“Got a Penny Problem?”


Leah H.

“The “Prime” Radiator”     




The time and effort put into the projects this year yielded more thorough projects and a larger field of experiments that are ACSI competition ready.

Middle School Science Instructor Ms. McNeil guided students on their journey of scientific exploration beginning in August. For the next 3 months, Ms. McNeil set dates and expectations of what constituted a genuine science experiment (projects with controls and variables not to mention a hypothesis that can be tested!). The results yielded several high-scoring projects!

Perfect Scores

5th Grade - 4

6th Grade - 7

8th Grade - 2

"A" Science Projects

5th Grade - 14

6th Grade - 16

7th Grade - 5

8th Grade - 9


Congratulations to all upper school students on their hard work! Kudos to Ms. McNeil for spearheading a great, informative academic event!