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4th Grade Science Fair a Huge Success!

Have you ever wondered whether a song could make your heart beat faster? Or, if Bounty is really the "quicker picker upper?" Fourth graders at The Imani School provided the answer to these burning questions and some you may not have thought about as well.

This year marked the first time fourth graders at The Imani School were allowed to participate in the ACSI Science Fair.Everyone worked hard the projects were fantastic! This year's winners are:

Joshua W.
"Audio and Visual: Which is Better?"
Physical Science

Imari G.
"Hot vs. Cold"
Physical Science

Taylor F.
"Hydration-God Knows Best"
Life Science

Jahar R.
Life Science

In his award-winning project, Joshua explored whether people were geared toward a visual or auditory learning-style. Over a 3-month period, Joshua developed his hypothesis, ran 3 trials to test his hypothesis and came to the conclusion that most people are visual learners.

"If I do the project again, I can throw in kinetic learning because some people learn by touch," Joshua said.

Joshua will represent Imani at the district level at the ACSI Science Fair, and he enjoyed having the opportunity to hone his skills before the big show.

"I think it doesn't matter how young you are," Joshua said. "Young people should be able to participate in school activities like the Science Fair, athletics  and the school play. We should be able to achieve our goals just like the older kids."