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Is Your Child Ready for Underpants?

Signs that your child may be ready for underpants

  • Verbally communicates he/she needs to use the restroom
  • Keeps pull-up consistently dry
  • Stays dry during nap or overnight hours
  • Interrupts activity of interest (i.e. play time) for restroom break when needed


So now what...

  • Communicate with your child's teacher to ensure a smooth transition from pull-ups to traditional underpants
  • Pack at least 2 changes of clothing daily
  • Closely monitor/limit fluid in-take until complete bladder control is achieved (particularly in the morning)
  • Allow child to remain in underpants until bedtime
  • Greatly limit use of pul-ups (Continued use can send mixed messages to the child & can delay mastery.)
  • Praise your child for his/her accomplishments